Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Assurance

JeetWin remains firmly committed to protecting our players’ individual details. This confidentiality document outlines what data we procure as you engage with our offerings, the reason for its collection, and its subsequent application.

privacy policy

Do note, this Confidentiality Assurance serves as a mutual agreement between you and JeetWin, referenced here as ‘We’, ‘Us’, or ‘Our’. This document functions in tandem with JeetWin’s User Terms. Periodic updates to this assurance may occur, with the latest version always available on our platforms. Regular perusal is encouraged.

Type of Data Accumulated

Personal Data encompasses identifiers like full name, birthdate, residential details, electronic mail address, contact number, and other associated data. Engaging with our site, opening an account, or tapping into our services might prompt a request for such data. Our data repertoire includes: direct contact details, dispatch data, billing specifics, transaction history, site interaction preferences, and user feedback.

Occasionally, this data finds a home on our servers. As you interact, servers maintain a tailored activity log. Elements logged include: originating IP, access timestamp, pages accessed, language preference, crash details, and browser variety. This data is pivotal for superior service. Rest assured, we gather personal details only with your go-ahead.

Methodology of Data Procurement and Processing

Data might be collected organically. Voluntary submissions through our platform or external interactions are other avenues. Collaborations with third-party entities and online providers sometimes furnish us with additional Personal Data. Our affiliated third-parties may facilitate online transactions or offer technical assistance. The upcoming section of this Confidentiality Assurance elucidates our utilization of any data from associates, service providers, or third-party e-commerce. Any disclosure aligns with this document, and collaborations prioritize your privacy.

Data Utilization

Providing your Personal Data paves the way for service delivery, customer assistance, security and identity checks, transaction processing, third-party promotional help, and meeting operational necessities. Chosen partners might gain access to this data. Your data equips us to offer our services, facilitate secure transactions, and cater to service operation requirements. Thus, select partners, and their data associates, might be privy to your details. Personal Data can also be used to:

  • Share updates on our offerings;
  • Offer promotional tidbits about associated products;
  • Enhance client assistance and broaden our service gamut.
    Surveys or contests might occasionally be rolled out. Engaging in these is at your discretion. Details like name, communication details, or demographics might be sought. Prize acceptances or wins might see your name in promotional content. We might also keep you in the loop about our diverse gaming products and third-party services using your contact details.

Special Disclosure Parameters

Legal mandates or genuine concerns might necessitate Personal Data disclosure:

  • Compliance with legal obligations towards our services;
  • Safeguarding our assets and rights;
  • Ensuring public or user safety.
    Deceptive actions against our platform, other players, or any fraudulent endeavors allow us to share your data with gaming platforms, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. Research-oriented towards addiction prevention might use the data, but always anonymously.

User Control and Access

Opting out is possible via account adjustments, direct communication, or Customer Support outreach. You can also:

  • Verify the accuracy of your Personal Data;
  • Refresh your details;
  • Share concerns about data usage.
    On being approached, we can revise the data or discontinue its use for promotional means. However, legal constraints might require us to retain certain data.

Electronic Service Provider Acknowledgment

Our real money games involve financial transactions, sometimes processed by third parties. Accepting this document means you’re onboard with any required data processing for transactions, even if it crosses borders. Our collaborations with payment systems maintain your privacy.

Security Review Consent

We retain the right to periodically ensure your legitimate use of services. Such reviews validate your shared data, in line with our User Terms. Reviews can involve data sharing, even internationally, or seeking third-party verification. Additional documentation or details might be solicited during such reviews.

Digital Safety

Ensuring the safety of data is paramount for us. We house all the Personal Information you entrust us with in a database that is encrypted, password-protected, and shielded by cutting-edge firewall technology. Any entities we work with, including subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and vendors, are mandated to uphold stringent security protocols.

Youth Safeguarding

We strictly forbid the use of our services by anyone under the age of eighteen (18) or those who have not reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction. When you engage with our services, you attest to being a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age. We remain vigilant against underage users attempting to access our platform, which might necessitate a security review. Any registration attempts by minors will be refused, and their records will be expunged.

Global Data Movement

We may process and store personal details in any nation where our affiliates, vendors, or agents have operations. When you utilize our services, it is an implicit agreement to the potential transfer of data outside your homeland, even to places with differing privacy legislation. Nevertheless, we ensure our partners respect our privacy criteria.

Device Data & Cookies

We store data snippets called cookies on user devices to remember preferences during online visits. Along with standard cookies, our site uses “flash cookies”. These cannot access or control your device. They help us understand your engagement with our platform. Essential cookies are vital for certain website functions like secure logins or transactions. Three types of cookies are employed:

  • ‘Session-based’ cookie: Temporary and expires once your browser is closed.
  • Persistent cookies: Stay on your device for a set duration.
  • Analytical cookies: Give insights into user behavior on our platform. Users have the option to accept or refuse cookies and can typically adjust browser settings to decline them. Flash cookies can be managed through Flash Player’s settings.

Interactions with External Parties

We cannot vouch for the protection of your data on third-party sites linked to our platform or those collecting information on our behalf, like affiliate program managers. These third parties have their own privacy norms that govern their data handling.

No Warranty Notice

Our services are offered on an ‘AS-IS’ and ‘AS-AVAILABLE’ basis without any form of guarantee. We are not liable for any unforeseen events. Given the intricacies of our technology, we don’t promise flawlessness in managing your Personal Information and cannot bear responsibility for indirect or consequential repercussions.

Acceptance of Privacy Terms

Engaging with our services indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. This document supersedes previous versions. It should be perused alongside our Terms and Conditions. We might periodically amend this policy and will notify users of changes. Continued use of our services signals agreement with any updates.

Links to External Sites

Our platform may feature links to other online sites. If you follow these links, be aware that these external sites might have different privacy practices. We don’t hold responsibility for data handling by these external sites. Their operators are accountable for any discrepancies or issues on their platforms.